Luisa Quintero

Presentadora Presenter

Social Networks

Age 26

Height 1.64

Bust 84

Waist 63

Hip 98

Residence City Medellin - Miami

Presenter Luisa Quintero

Presenter Luisa Quintero Munera is a professional in social communication and journalism, with an extensive experience as a TV Host and event planner. She is characterized by the high capacity for improvisation and charisma. As a communicator, she developed an emphasis on protocol of any kind, becoming one of her strengths.

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Luisa Quintero Múnera

TV Host

She was a TV Host in Nada Mejor tv show broadcast in Telemedellin (Colombia) from June 2018 to January 2019. She has been TV host in institutional videos.


She was a model in all the events held in Medellin by the Colombian Swimming Federation. Presenter or master of ceremonies in all the championships and sporting events of Swimming in Antioquia during 2017 and 2018. Image of an American clothing store in Medellin.

Event promoter
TV Host
Photography model
Event planner or master of ceremonies
Good communication skill
Smiling face

Social communication – journalism. Pontifical Bolivarian University, Medellin COL.

Diploma in Design, Management, and Organization of events. (UPB)

Modeling Course at Beauty Fashion Medellín.

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